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Let’s Have a Breakthrough: Step One


My whole life changed when I had my first Breakthrough and I haven’t looked back since. I spent years (felt like lifetimes) in paralyzing fear, a tough relationship and a lower-than-I-would-like balance in my bank account. I have totally and COMPLETELY transformed the first 2 and I am working my Breakthrough Program on myself for the third one…cause no one is perfect. Actually I hope to always have something there waiting for me to breakthrough into something bigger.

The truth is we all have something in our lives that we would like to see improve, finances, love life, career. And the other truth is there are actual concrete steps you can take to have a breakthrough.

No more wandering in circles, spending years getting the same results.

No. I’m talking real change…. for real.


What area in your life is constantly trying to get your attention? Usually it is the area you feel the most pain, discomfort. You sincerely want a great romantic relationship but you have trouble finding one. You are a heart centered entrepreneur who is passionate about their work but can’t seem to get any clients. You envision yourself with an abundant, carefree lifestyle but your bank account keeps getting drained. And then to top it all off…the problem/pattern persists and in fact usually is around for years.

But here’s the good news…

Whatever feels most broken or out of alignment is what is MOST meant to be fixed. The discomfort is what gets your attention; it is Spirit’s way of getting your attention. Yes Spirit also communicates to us through Joy, (that’s what our desires are) but that is for another Blog. The discomfort, knot in your stomach, sweaty palms, depression, fatigue, frustration, helplessness…is a CALL TO ACTION.

So I ask you, what calls to your attention?

What is most wanting to be transformed?

You’ve got this. Let’s have a breakthrough.