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The Biggest Mistake Unsuccessful Online Entrepreneurs Make

It’s one thing to start an online business, but it’s another to get noticed and succeed. Unfortunately, many awesome talented people achieve the first part but bomb on the second.

And the reason why? It’s simple, Entrepreneurs don’t stay consistent long enough to get the results they want. It’s where mindset meets strategy and having strong mental stamina is just as important as executing great biz building strategies.

Inconsistency can vary from person to person but usually shows up in the following 3 ways:

1. Results Don’t Happen Fast Enough

The success, the money, the clients, the momentum you want doesn’t appear in an instant. Take all the strategies that are needed to run an online business such as, creating visibility, focusing on social media profiles and creating momentum, it takes time and focused consistency to make them work. Contrary to the online marketing that has newer entrepreneurs believing it happens quickly (headlines like ‘how I made $10k in 30 days). When these strategies take a lot longer than expected to build momentum they end up freaking out, bailing on their strategies and stop working on their business because they believe it’s not working. The truth is the strategies will work when they’ve been given enough time to. Not much different from following a consistent fitness plan, it takes a ton of sweat before you start seeing the results.

 2. Focused On What’s Not Working  

Do any of these things sounds familiar?
‘This isn’t working I only got 1 like on my post’
‘Only one person came to my livestream what’s the point of even doing it?’
‘‘My launch was so unsuccessful I only sold 5 spots instead of the 15 I wanted.’

This is a great example of The Law of Attraction in action! Since what we focus on expands, when we focus on what we think isn’t working, then eventually that’s all we see. (I spoke about this in another post which you can check out here) And what do we end up doing once we’re convinced it’s broken? Bail! We stop being consistent.

So to shift the momentum, start focusing on what IS working by reframing how you see it.

You have one person on your facebook live? That’s evidence that you are indeed reaching people, and people want to hear what you have to say. Have someone tell you how much  they appreciated your blog? That’s evidence that the content you’re creating is working. When you change your mindset and view the exact same situation, but in a positive way, you increase your belief of how it is working. Once you believe it’s working you are focusing on the strategy which in turn creates the momentum you need and were looking for. Now the same law is still in play (law of attraction) but this time it’s attracting the results we want!

3. Don’t Know What To Focus On  

Knowing where you’re at in your business and what you should focus on first to get to the next step is key to achieving success. The problem is, especially in online businesses, there aren’t a lot of markers along the way telling you where you are and what to do next. It ends up being a guessing game with a lot of trial and error. Just imagine going from NYC to LA and having no access to a map.Sure you may know the general direction but without knowing exactly where to go, you’ll definitely end up taking a lot of wrong turns along the way. But when you have directions, you can follow the route without getting sidetracked and steered off course. Just like you will get sidetracked in your business when you don’t know what you’re doing or where you’re going. This creates a ton of wasted time (and money!) which results in frustration and inconsistency. Knowing what stage we are in and what to focus on specifically, is the ‘roadmap’ for online entrepreneurs. 

I have spent a lot of time looking at this and have developed a quiz that will help you figure out where you are at and what you should be focusing on. Do it now.

So stay consistent with the tasks you should be doing at your stage, focus on the evidence that this is working (see your likes increase, your blogs getting shared etc) and I promise you you WILL see more of the positive and the momentum you want.

The Secret To Not Creating Shite In Your Life

Knowing how the law of attraction actually works is key in creating what you want in life and business. This law is not mystical, woo woo or only for a certain privileged group. It’s a universal law all of us are experiencing everyday, no different than the law of gravity.

The book The Secret came out. And it was great because it started the conversation of consciously creating what we desire. But the Law of Attraction isn’t a secret or magical, it’s practical.

‘Match the frequency to the reality you want and you can not help but get that reality. It is not philosophy. It is physics.’ Albert Einstein

For a long time I didn’t understand why I could manifest some of my goals easily and others I struggled to make happen. It wasn’t until I fully accepted that if LOA was a universal law and I couldn’t get around or away from it, then it must mean I was constantly manifesting…..the good and the bad. Yikes!

I quickly realized that regardless of my experience being a ‘good’ one or a ‘bad’ one, I had done the exact same thing to manifest both! Finally, I knew at that moment, knowing how this law worked could be applied consciously and intentionally to manifest my dreams!

The Law of Attraction can be broken down into 3 super simple elements.

The 3 Elements Of LOA

1. Alignment – how you feel about something

2. Mindset – how much you believe it to be true or possible

3. Action – the action you take to make it happen

Let’s take a closer look at how these elements, using money as an example, are in play for both our awesome and not so great experiences.

LOA Elements Financial Abundance Financial Lack
Alignment – how you feel about money  secure, happy, fortunate, peaceful, relaxed, confident, excited  worried, stressed, anxious, scared, annoyed, sad, depressed
Mindset – how you think about money  I always have money. Money comes easily to me. There’s always more than enough. I love having money.  I have never enough. I’m always so broke. Why can’t I get more money? This is so scary; how will I survive?
Actions – what your actions are around money  managing money, following a budget, tracking spending, using strategies to increase income, talking positively about money  disorganized, overspending, giving up, complaining, talking negatively about money, taking no action toward improvement

As you can see when we do a side by side comparison, it doesn’t matter what the experience is, LOA  is always, always happening. So now that we are armed with this information, we can begin to apply the strategies that help us create what we want consciously! And I’ve got you covered, grab my Free Create Your Mindset Practice Guide here to help you get started!

Happy Creating!

Xo J



How to design a daily practice to intentionally create what you want!

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the amount of ‘how to’s’ out there when it comes to manifesting?

I do. And I’m a teacher of this stuff.

So for simplicity sake (cause honestly, don’t we all just want to know the essentials) I’m giving you the one absolute manifesting must have……designing a daily practice that works for you.

Why is this so essential? Because in order to create what you want in the world, you have to create it on the inside first. Period. And a daily practice, specific to you, is what builds the momentum on the inside, needed to experience it on the outside.

Have you ever heard the saying ‘thoughts become things’? And it’s true for both positive and negative thoughts. What you think about the most, you see the most. So if you constantly think you’re lacking in something, the you’ll just continue to experience more of that lack!

Let’s use money as a quick example. Usually when we don’t have the money or security we crave, we spend the majority of our time thinking about NOT having it. Thoughts like, ‘I never have enough money, I’m always broke, how am I going to get more money’ etc. consume us. We end up continuing to experience not having enough money because it’s exactly what we focus on! Take stock of your own thoughts. How much do you spend thinking of the things you don’t want? It can be difficult to accept that we’re also responsible for creating the negative stuff in our life. But when we are willing to take radical responsibility and own it, we begin to create a new experience.

Now, it’s one thing to hear and understand this principle and then another to actually intentionally bring this into your life and make a commitment to change your negative thought patterns. It takes practice and exactly why a daily practice is needed, think of it as a workout for your thoughts! So, let’s get started, shall we.

First, go back to that awesome goal you want to manifest. The one thing that you absolutely need in your mindset practice is something that helps you connect with what you truly desire. I call this ‘tuning in’. Spend some time thinking about what it would be like to have it and experience it in your life. Ask yourself this, ‘What would my life actually look like if I had this in my life’? This question will generate some positive thoughts, affirmations, and feelings, write ALL of them down. These are the thoughts you’ll use in your daily practice to replace the old negative ones!

Next, commit to tuning into these thoughts every day. Sticking with a daily practice can be a challenge (just like going to the gym!). So you want to choose a mindset practice that will work for you. Do you like journaling and writing out what you want to manifest? Or are visualizations a better fit? Maybe you like to read your affirmations, or create a mind movie? The point is, it doesn’t matter how you tune in to your goal, just that you do it. The tuning in, IS the daily practice because you are spending time breaking up the negative thought patterns (which bring a negative experience) and replacing them with positive ones, aligned with your desire!

Finally, once you’ve figured out what works for you, visualisations, writing, guided meditations, affirmations or whatever it is.  Commit to following it for at least 40 days and see if you can see the evidence that your thoughts are changing. Track your progress! Create an ‘evidence’ list and write down all the new things that start to happen that are more in alignment with your goal. Don’t forget to track the little things too, it all counts and contributes to your belief that you CAN create what you desire.

I’d love to hear what you’re manifesting in your life, comment below and share it with me!

Three Ways You Might Be Interfering With Your Own Success

So, today I want to talk to you about three ways you might be interfering with your own success. Especially when you’re so driven to succeed and you have like a whole hearted intention of doing the right thing to succeed in your business and make consistent income and do all that you can do to make your business a success. So, what do I mean by interfering?
Well, there is an entire universe around you that wants nothing but the best for you. It wants you to succeed, it wants your dreams to come true, it wants to help you. And too often, we push our own agenda. We try to force our way rather than sitting back and just allowing what we’ve asked for to help us and to come through.
Here are 3 ways you’re probably interfering with your success

  1. We force things to happen.

And what I mean by forcing? Forcing is anything where it feels tough, edgy and like you’re pushing pushing pushing pushing pushing. When you’re always analyzing it, you’re always complaining about it and you’re wondering why isn’t working? What’s happening? Why isn’t this working? You’re complaining about it and you’re trying to do all you can to like make it happen, that’s forcing. And that is interfering with your success, because if you think about it like a brick wall. You’ve literally put a brick wall up in front of you. And the universe is like ‘Hey I’m trying to help you’. I called my biz partner, biz partners trying to help you, trying to get in there, trying to give you the guidance and everything that you need and you’re like ‘no I can’t pay attention’ because I’m too busy forcing things over here. That’s one way that we interfere with their own success be force.

  1. We give up way too quickly

The second way, is we give up too quickly. We do this in tons of different little ways. One of the ways we do this is through inconsistency. So maybe we don’t give up as in we’re leaving our business, but all the ways that we play small and are not consistent, because we’re too busy focused on what’s not working or we’re too scared to get up and really go after it. So we interfere with our own success, we give up too quickly rather than calling on the support of the universe, calling on the support of your business partner right and focusing on your dreams, focusing on what you really want to happen. Instead you give up. So the universe doesn’t even have time. There it is out there orchestrating everything for you, getting your success together, lining up the people that need you, you know making things happen for you and then you just shut it down. Or we shut it down because it didn’t happen fast enough, we do the go-stop-go-stop cycle where we go really fast hard and we try really hard and we’re forcing then we stop because it didn’t happen fast enough. And that’s the second way we interfere with our own success. We’re actually the ones stopping our success.

  1. We don’t listen to our gut.

We don’t listen to the answers the universe brings us. We don’t listen to what our gut is trying to tell us. And when I say by gut, that is how it’s communicated to us, that’s how our business partner talks to us through guidance, through our gut. And in order to make that happen, you have to be quiet. Take some time out during the day and listen. That’s all part of the mindset practice as well that you need to be successful.

So you need to stop forcing your agenda. Stop giving up so quickly, because things aren’t working as fast as you want them to. And then finally get quiet. Find some time during your day to sit quietly to learn what it feels like to listen to that internal guidance. Ask the question, what would you have me do today?. That’s the question I ask everyday ‘what would you have me do today’? Business partner, where should we go today? what should we do? What should we focus on?
And I always get something, I always get to do a Facebook Live or reach out to somebody or I get a really creative great idea. That’s what you need to listen to. And when you don’t make time to hear and that mixed with when you hear it and then you ignore it, you are interfering with your own success.
So what I want for you is to really start to think about this. Think about the ways and how much you talk about success you want. You complain about it not happening. Right. We’ve all been there. You focus on the ‘not happening’ of it. And how many times do you just let go? Ask for what you want, focus on what you want, ‘your desires are dependable’. There’s like a billion different desires you have, why do you think you have your particular ones? That’s not a coincidence, that’s to be trusted.
So your desires are dependable. So you gotta focus on them, ask for them and then stop interfering, let them come to you.

I hope this helps. Post a comment below if you have some great ways where you don’t interfere with your success, also comment if you feel like you do and I can give you some tips on how not to.

3 Reasons You Need To Make Your Email List A Priority

We get so caught up in social media these days that we can sometimes forget about building our email list. Especially in the Foundation and Hustle stage this should be one of your number one priorities.

Yes, it’s easier to just use social media channels to connect with people, it’s faster and can feel more personal, but the problem is you don’t own the contacts. What if the platform changes its policies and you can no longer reach the people? All that hard work gone overnight. You own your email list. It is harder to build a list, but the benefit is that people actually want to learn about your stuff.
You don’t have to have a massive list to be successful. Sometimes a small, but engaged list will get you better results.

I wanted to give you 3 reasons why you should be making your list a priority


  1. Email is Personal –

What’s the first thing most people do in the morning? Grab a cup of coffee or matcha and read their emails. Your email will land directly in their inbox, no other posts to compete with in a news feed. It’s very direct, personal, and casual.


  1. Email is Purposeful and Targeted–

People actively need to do something to sign up to your list, which means they actually want to know what you have to say and sell. It’s your responsibility to give them highly relevant content and offers which builds trust.


  1. Email is One-on-One –

People are very selective with what they allow into their inbox these days. They read their emails in private. The message is not on a public timeline or newsfeed. They can ask you questions directly which helps builds trust and connection.


Building a Business Foundation: Why it can’t be avoided & why you can’t ‘buy’ your way through it

The concept of ‘stages of business’ is relatively new to a lot of people and you might not have heard about it. But having worked with hundreds of solopreneurs I can tell you that it’s one of the keys to success. The first three (of five) stages is the road from 0 to 10K consistent months, not one offs. To make it easier for people to remember the stages and what they’re about I call them The Foundation (1st stage), The Hustle (2nd stage) and The Flow (3rd stage). The names pretty much sum up what the stages are about if you ever want to remember. If you don’t know what stage you’re in, take the quiz now

Today I want to talk about the importance of stage one –  The Foundation.

A lot of you reading this or watching the video above probably have already moved through this stage one and are in the Hustle stage. I encourage you to still read this, even if you probably recognize what I’m talking about, as going through the following stages is nearly impossible without a solid foundation. For those of you who are new to business, this will be important for you to hear and more importantly to implement.

So stage one is the time where you feel like you don’t know what you’re doing. You feel like you have no idea what’s going on, you have some sort of idea of ‘I think I want to be this’ but you’re not even really sure of what to call yourself, you maybe even have some idea who your clients could be…you might have created some free stuff, done some volunteering or it’s a hobby that you love and people have started to show an interest in and asked for more from you.

In summary it’s an idea with the potential to becoming a business. It’s called the Foundation, because it’s about building the solid ground underneath you.

Here are 5 things you need to know about this stage:

  1. It is an absolute must and can’t be skipped

Imagine building a house on a wobbly foundation. The first earthquake or strong wind is going to collapse the building. Just like the house, your business will collapse without a solid foundation. The reason why it sucks and  why a lot of people want to avoid it is, that it doesn’t feel like it’s going well while you’re in it. It feels like nothing is happening and you want to skip to the fun parts, the making money, changing lives and you’re a success story parts. Let’s take that idea of a house again. What’s the most fun part about designing or building your house? The decorating of it, when you get to put your own taste in colors and make it look beautiful. It’s certainly not pouring the cement..Who wants to do that? No one!

But fact is, it can’t be avoided to build a sustainable, long-term successful business.

  1. Investments are important but make sure they’re the right ones

Yes you have to invest in things, but make sure they’re the right things. In the online world there are a lot of temptations, people promising you to get you to 10k in 3 months. As a once off maybe, but not as a sustainable consistent income. So before you invest in the wrong things and end up in a mountain of debt, stop. Think of the analogy with the house when you’re tempted. Think whether this will help you build a foundation or if it’s a quick fix. In the foundation stage things you absolutely SHOULD invest in are: a website, email marketing software to build your list, basic branding. You don’t need the most expensive and complex systems either. As your business grows so will your systems.  

  1. You’ve got to go through entrepreneurial school

The foundation is your entrepreneurial school. There’s no place that you can go that’s just like a college where you can like ‘hey I want to practice being an entrepreneur’. No, you go be an entrepreneur, that’s your practice and the foundation stage is the school part of it. It’s when you’re trying to figure out where you come from, what your message is, who your clients are, what your niche is, you’re in school. And what usually happens when you’re in school, you’re broke. You’re usually broke and you’re usually working your ass off. There’s no doctor I know, no teacher, no lawyer, no super successful person that gets big decent money that just woke up one day and decided to be a doctor and they just showed up at the hospital and operated. No! They study at school, they’re broke, they have student loans, it’s awful, they never sleep, they don’t have a life.

Sound familiar? Why? Because they’re building their foundation. And that’s the thing that we’ve lost along the way in the online world of entrepreneurship. We’ve lost this sense of ‘hey I have to put some hard work in here’. I have to put some blood, sweat and tears in to here and build this foundation, I’ve got to go through entrepreneurial school and it’s not going to be easy. It’s going to take a lot of time, guts and discomfort. I remember when I was in university studying for tests and stuff like that sucked, right? But eventually you build your foundation and you graduate and that’s part of going becoming who and what you want to be.

  1. You can’t buy your way out of it

You can’t buy a course that’s going to teach you this one thing that’s going to bring you all this money, you can’t buy a ninety-day program that’s just going to solve everything for you and now you’re going to be making six figures. It doesn’t exist. I’m not saying that you don’t need certain courses to learn the skills you need, but in the foundation stage it’s not about a quick fix payoff. It’s about learning who you are, about trial and error and about studying things. It’s about getting practice with some free coaching sessions and it’s about failing because in the failing you actually learn how you can really succeed. You’ll be going through a lot of ups and downs, highs and lows that’s what it is because you are in training. But what happens when you allow yourself to go through the foundation stage, to try and fail, to celebrate the small wins and keep going, is you build the two things resiliency and perseverance. Two absolute characteristic traits that entrepreneurs need to succeed. So you learn how to persevere and you build resiliency. By the end of the Foundation stage you’ll get so clear on your vision, your mission and what you’re here to say and what you’re here to do. That’s when you know you’re ready to start hustling and heading into the second stage.

  1. You need to change your mindset to succeed.

Expect that if you’re in it, you’re going to want to avoid it. You’re going to feel like you’re no good, you don’t know what you’re doing. You’re g it’s going to be so many highs and lows, you’re going to think that you’ve finally found the answer to something and but nope sure enough it sets you back again, this is normal.

Every stage comes with its own challenges and mindset issues that need to be addressed. Don’t get frustrated if you’re in the foundation stage. Change your mindset. Think about the house that needs the foundation to stand on, the broke doctors going through med school.

You’re out there and you’re in school, so you don’t get down on yourself, if you’re not making a pile of money or you don’t have thousands of followers. No, you’re learning how to do that. Financially speaking by the end of the foundation stage you’ll be usually around like 0 to maybe 1K a month.

Your strategy at this stage is to get out there and practice, to offer free calls or low cost calls, to maybe hire a coach and work with the coach, it’s going to help you practice and get in touch with what you really want to say especially when they can help you with your messaging in your niche. You want to start getting visible, to get known and having a strategy around that. It’s more in a way where you’re practicing, you’re seeing, you’re trying and you’re putting yourself out there and it’s really uncomfortable.

So, stay away from shiny objects syndrome, you don’t need to go buy a million things. It’s a great business investment to invest in a coach that could help you through this first stage. I coach solopreneurs on the strategy and mindset shifts that need to happen to make consistent income build momentum in their business. If you feel like you’re in the foundation stage and need guidance to navigate through this difficult phase, book a call with me and see how we can work together

Why treating your business like a lottery is holding you back

As an online entrepreneur we’re bombarded with quick fixes, promises about giving you the exact formula to build a 6 figure business in 90 days and stories about how someone made 5 figures in their first month of business. Doesn’t that sound amazing? If that was the case every person would leave their 9-5 job and start a business. In reality, scenarios like that are more like winning the lottery. I’m sure it happens, just like winning the lottery does, but not very often and not for the majority of people.

So let me ask you the question. Are you treating your business like a lottery? Putting all your hopes and dreams into it winning the lottery? By buying programs that promise you’ll be guaranteed to build a 6 figure business in a short amount of time and therefore skipping the natural stages your business has to go through in order to grow and be sustainable?

Don’t get me wrong, it’s absolutely normal and in line with our society to want things to happen instantly. We’re used to get things right away. And naturally as an online entrepreneur we want the same for our business. We have such passion and drive for what we do we want it to work right away and are drawn in by the promises of the clever marketeers who promise to give us exactly that – instant success.

What most of the people talking about making 5 and figure months tend to conveniently forget to tell you about are the gruelling 18 month prior to that, where they built their business, slowly and over time. Hustling and going from making a few hundred $/month to eventually making 4 figures/ month to get to that one month they’re telling you about. The hustle isn’t pretty and takes a lot of persistence and perseverance which isn’t sexy and doesn’t paint the picture they want you to have in order to buy into their programs.

Of course we start comparing ourselves to these stories and wonder why we feel bad about ourselves for NOT achieving the things they promise we would. Doing that actually holds us back even more. The constant beating up that happens in our minds, let you lose track and forget what you should be focusing on in order to grow your business.

When I talk about a sustainable business I am talking about building a consistent income that you’re focused on building consistent 4 figures / month before even considering to make 5 figures/month. Naturally this takes time, from crafting your message, creating your packages, setting up your systems to overcoming all the mindset blocks that naturally come up..Most important though it takes time for your audience to get to know you, what you do and stand for and that you’re even around. It simply takes time and consistent effort, there’s no way around this.

So what’s am I trying to tell you?

3 things.

  1. It takes time to build a sustainable business both strategically and mentally
  2. Just because someone won the lottery (aka made 6 figures in 90 days) doesn’t mean you have to.
  3. Start to take the action your business needs instead of comparing yourself to others.

So in case you need permission to stop comparing yourself and aspire to unrealistic standards, I give you a free pass and ask you to look at what stage of business you’re in and start to take consistent action. Not sure what stage you’re in and what you actually need to do to move forward? Take the quiz to find out!


2 Reasons You’re Not Making Consistent Cash (And What To Do About It)

In the first 2 – 3 years of business (and sometimes more), nearly all Solopreneurs struggle to get clear on where they’re at, what they need to be focused on in order to make an impact and difference in the lives of others and most importantly how to make consistent income.

Consistency is the keyword here. I am not talking about the one offs where you make $12 000 a month, and then you make a thousand dollars for the next 3 months. I’m talking about consistent income that you can start to really rely on.

There are two major problems that I see repeatedly in my coaching clients.


  1. People don’t realise that there are 3 distinct stages in business, on the road from $0 to $10K consistent months and don’t know what stage they are in. The Foundation, The Hustle and The Flow. Each stage has unique strategies and mindset shifts that need to be focused on to build the foundation that leads to the next stage.

  2. Solopreneurs are constantly bombarded with marketing promising them the one thing they need to reach their goal of consistent $10K. Be it funnels or launches or copy or website or blogging. The problem is, it often isn’t the right strategy for them at the time and because they don’t have a clear roadmap of their first 3 stages they make impulsive purchases they don’t need.

These two problems combined, have been a problem in the online world and unfortunately hurting people when it comes to their bottom line, and making consistent income.

Solopreneurs waste thousands of dollars and massive amount of time on things that will NOT get them where they want to be. Now don’t get me wrong, all these things – funnels, launches, copy – are all valid strategies, BUT ONLY when they’re done in the right stage of business. (Not sure what stage you’re in? Find out here) So of course there’s some great products, great coaches, great courses and great, awesome, wonderful products out there and when purchased at the right time, can have an awesome impact.

Still, common confusions often arise around implementing an effective visibility plan, how often or when they should be blogging, how to communicate their core message, how to do effective market research, when the right time is to execute a launch and even what they should be charging. So, in an attempt to make their dream (which is a worthwhile pursuit!) they flail around, patch-working it all together. Trying to implement something that is 10 steps ahead of where they’re at, before having the foundational pieces in place to support the implementation of a more advanced strategy.

As solopreneurs start knowing what stage of business they’re at, what they should focus and what problems they’re going to face in each stage, they can avoid shiny object syndrome. Which helps them stay on track, disciplined and focused.  This inevitably creates the momentum they need to move through the 3 stages and make consistent income!

I help solopreneurs navigate these stages by helping them implement the right strategies and mindset shifts, to build the momentum they need. If you are struggling to get clarity, stay focused and make consistent income in your online business book a call here to see how much working together can help!

How to Create More Money in Your Life & Your Business

The majority (actually almost all) of the calls I get from potential clients includes the question, ‘How do I make more money in my business?’. Making consistent income (minimum 4 figures a month) is the biggest challenge for most entrepreneurs in their first few years of business.

Now, while there are a TON of great strategies to implement in your business which will lead to generating consistent income, if we don’t have our thoughts aligning with what we want to create (more money!), we will continue to fall short.

In today’s vlog I share the number one way to start building a solid money mindset and include a homework assignment to get you started! Watch the video below!

A Rant For A Reason…

“The first couple years of my business, it felt like slog and most people give up before the cogs really start turning.” -Denise Duffield-Thomas


An ad came across my feed with the copy ‘How I created $10,000 in 30 days’ and then talked about how the first year in biz they only made $9000. I didn’t even notice who this ad was by, so I’m not trying to knock anyone. What I want to point out, is to make sure you are reading between the lines….

If someone makes $9000 the first year of business and then has a 5 figured month, it actually took them 13 months to make ‘$10,000 in 30 days’. And that’s what’s super important to note.

It took me over 18 months to get to 5 figure months and they weren’t even consistent ones at that. I focused on creating consistent 4 figure months before 5 figured ones and it’s served me well. Mostly, because now as I continue to expand and grow into the consistent 5 figure range I have built a solid foundation underneath me.

Further, the experts that I trust and follow speak openly about how long it took to build their sustainable online business (the shortest amount of time I’ve come across is 2 years) with the average being 3.

Here’s the truth. There’s no quick fix on the road to building a sustainable online business. There are distinct stages we all have to go through, regardless of who we are or who we hire. It takes time to figure this online entrepreneurial world out, get comfortable with your message, develop a success mindset, find strategies that actually work, fail, have small wins, fail again and above ALL else hold true to their desire & vision and just keep going.

If you feel like you’re struggling to make money in your business…my advice (take it or leave it) find & follow leaders who spent time in the trenches and DID THE WORK, felt the blood, sweat & tears, learned how to KEEP GOING even when they wanted to give up, and then eventually made it to the other side.

There’s a reason sayings like ‘it was all worth it in the end’ are so popular.

Read between the lines when you come across the big promises of big payoffs in a short amount of time. Often, there’s a whole year (or more!) in front of that, that was hell, that’s not always mentioned. or as Denise refers to it ‘felt like a slog’