Radical Responsibility: The key creating ingredient that might be missing

  The word manifesting is everywhere and I think it would be tough to find someone who hasn’t heard of Law of Attraction (even if they aren’t quite sure what it is). As a Creation Coach I work with clients to help them create what they really desire in their life, be it health, wealth, happiness, peace, a partner, you name it. And time and time again I see the same belief my clients tend to share….the belief that they ‘can’t manifest’. It’s not that strange that the majority of my clients feel this way about themselves, after all they haveRead More

6 Steps to Creating What You Want

We’re always creating (aka manifesting) our world and what we experience. At any moment we have 2 choices – to create from a place of love, or from a place of fear. Love based thinking creates a world we thrive in, feel joy, peace, abundance and harmony. By contrast, fear based thinking creates a world of lack, dissatisfaction, unhappiness and anxiety. A loving thought like, ‘I’m great at what I do!’ creates the experience of success. Where as a fearful thought like ‘I’m not good enough.’ creates the opposite. The good news is, we are totally free at any momentRead More

The Perpetual Search

Want to create a six figure biz? Fall in love with someone who values you? Feel good and trust your intuition? We all do. How many times did you think you’ve figured it out, found the pot of gold, finally got ‘there’, only to find out you didn’t ever really leave ‘here’? It happens a lot. Inside of you is a push, a desire, a never-ending need to search that won’t leave you alone. You’ve felt it all your life. Money (lots of it) has been spent on this search, as well as, time, energy and a hell of aRead More

Let’s Have a Breakthrough: Step One

My whole life changed when I had my first Breakthrough and I haven’t looked back since. I spent years (felt like lifetimes) in paralyzing fear, a tough relationship and a lower-than-I-would-like balance in my bank account. I have totally and COMPLETELY transformed the first 2 and I am working my Breakthrough Program on myself for the third one…cause no one is perfect. Actually I hope to always have something there waiting for me to breakthrough into something bigger. The truth is we all have something in our lives that we would like to see improve, finances, love life, career. And the other truthRead More

Follow This

You have the dreams and desires you have for a reason. The ideas that make you feel passionate are the ideas to bring to fruition. Who do you most desire to be? Who are you ready to become? #acim #acourseinmiracles #authenticity #bliss #beyou #bestlife #followyourbliss #followyourheart #happiness #coaching #lifecoach #leanin #bestlife #freedom #freefromfear #guidance #getacoach #seek #askforhelp #createalifeyoulove #love #doit #gothere #dofree #befree #jenniferscottcoaching A photo posted by Jennifer Scott (@jenns.zen) on Jan 1, 2015 at 12:20pm PST

The Big V

I have been exploring the world of vulnerability. OK well maybe ‘explore’ is going a little far. More like I’ve said the word a couple times out loud. The Big V, is my scary place and as I quote about and deeply believe the ‘scary places’ are exactly where we need to go. They are the places most in need of our exploration. I’ve known this about vulnerability for awhile but like many of us, I tiptoed around the edges of the discomfort. Being vulnerable meant I had to lean in, be present, stand up, be seen and ultimately goRead More