The Biggest Mistake Unsuccessful Online Entrepreneurs Make

It’s one thing to start an online business, but it’s another to get noticed and succeed. Unfortunately, many awesome talented people achieve the first part but bomb on the second. And the reason why? It’s simple, Entrepreneurs don’t stay consistent long enough to get the results they want. It’s where mindset meets strategy and having strong mental stamina is just as important as executing great biz building strategies. Inconsistency can vary from person to person but usually shows up in the following 3 ways: 1. Results Don’t Happen Fast Enough The success, the money, the clients, the momentum you want doesn’tRead More

The Secret To Not Creating Shite In Your Life

Knowing how the law of attraction actually works is key in creating what you want in life and business. This law is not mystical, woo woo or only for a certain privileged group. It’s a universal law all of us are experiencing everyday, no different than the law of gravity. The book The Secret came out. And it was great because it started the conversation of consciously creating what we desire. But the Law of Attraction isn’t a secret or magical, it’s practical. ‘Match the frequency to the reality you want and you can not help but get that reality.Read More

How to design a daily practice to intentionally create what you want!

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the amount of ‘how to’s’ out there when it comes to manifesting? I do. And I’m a teacher of this stuff. So for simplicity sake (cause honestly, don’t we all just want to know the essentials) I’m giving you the one absolute manifesting must have……designing a daily practice that works for you. Why is this so essential? Because in order to create what you want in the world, you have to create it on the inside first. Period. And a daily practice, specific to you, is what builds the momentum on the inside, neededRead More

Three Ways You Might Be Interfering With Your Own Success

So, today I want to talk to you about three ways you might be interfering with your own success. Especially when you’re so driven to succeed and you have like a whole hearted intention of doing the right thing to succeed in your business and make consistent income and do all that you can do to make your business a success. So, what do I mean by interfering? Well, there is an entire universe around you that wants nothing but the best for you. It wants you to succeed, it wants your dreams to come true, it wants to helpRead More

3 Reasons You Need To Make Your Email List A Priority

We get so caught up in social media these days that we can sometimes forget about building our email list. Especially in the Foundation and Hustle stage this should be one of your number one priorities. Yes, it’s easier to just use social media channels to connect with people, it’s faster and can feel more personal, but the problem is you don’t own the contacts. What if the platform changes its policies and you can no longer reach the people? All that hard work gone overnight. You own your email list. It is harder to build a list, but theRead More

Building a Business Foundation: Why it can’t be avoided & why you can’t ‘buy’ your way through it

The concept of ‘stages of business’ is relatively new to a lot of people and you might not have heard about it. But having worked with hundreds of solopreneurs I can tell you that it’s one of the keys to success. The first three (of five) stages is the road from 0 to 10K consistent months, not one offs. To make it easier for people to remember the stages and what they’re about I call them The Foundation (1st stage), The Hustle (2nd stage) and The Flow (3rd stage). The names pretty much sum up what the stages are aboutRead More

Why treating your business like a lottery is holding you back

As an online entrepreneur we’re bombarded with quick fixes, promises about giving you the exact formula to build a 6 figure business in 90 days and stories about how someone made 5 figures in their first month of business. Doesn’t that sound amazing? If that was the case every person would leave their 9-5 job and start a business. In reality, scenarios like that are more like winning the lottery. I’m sure it happens, just like winning the lottery does, but not very often and not for the majority of people. So let me ask you the question. Are youRead More

2 Reasons You’re Not Making Consistent Cash (And What To Do About It)

In the first 2 – 3 years of business (and sometimes more), nearly all Solopreneurs struggle to get clear on where they’re at, what they need to be focused on in order to make an impact and difference in the lives of others and most importantly how to make consistent income. Consistency is the keyword here. I am not talking about the one offs where you make $12 000 a month, and then you make a thousand dollars for the next 3 months. I’m talking about consistent income that you can start to really rely on. There are two majorRead More

How to Create More Money in Your Life & Your Business

The majority (actually almost all) of the calls I get from potential clients includes the question, ‘How do I make more money in my business?’. Making consistent income (minimum 4 figures a month) is the biggest challenge for most entrepreneurs in their first few years of business. Now, while there are a TON of great strategies to implement in your business which will lead to generating consistent income, if we don’t have our thoughts aligning with what we want to create (more money!), we will continue to fall short. In today’s vlog I share the number one way to startRead More

A Rant For A Reason…

“The first couple years of my business, it felt like slog and most people give up before the cogs really start turning.” -Denise Duffield-Thomas   An ad came across my feed with the copy ‘How I created $10,000 in 30 days’ and then talked about how the first year in biz they only made $9000. I didn’t even notice who this ad was by, so I’m not trying to knock anyone. What I want to point out, is to make sure you are reading between the lines…. If someone makes $9000 the first year of business and then has a 5Read More