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6 Habits of The Successful Solopreneur


How often have you cyber stalked that one Solopreneur who seems to have it all together, in hopes of figuring out how to get what she’s got.

If we’re honest, we’ve all been there.

We often think if we could just get the one ‘thing’ she has, we’d be able to unlock the door to our freedom lifestyle, booming business, brimming bank account or whatever defines success for us. But the truth is success is more of a mindset then it is an accumulation of status, money or stuff.

The following is a list of 6 habits solopreneurs have that cultivate a success mindset.

1. Sees A World Of Possibilities
There are two types of people in the world, those who see what’s possible and those who see what’s impossible. The successful solopreneur looks at what she can make happen in a situation. Rather then spending time thinking of all the reasons an opportunity won’t work, she asks herself how she can make it work.

2. Feels Fear And Does It Anyway
Rather then letting fear stop her the successful solopreneur feels fear and moves forward. She knows that experiencing fear when you’re in new territory or challenging yourself to go beyond the status quo is normal and doesn’t let it stop her from moving forward.

3. Takes Radical Responsibility
This savvy successful gal knows she’s responsible for creating the world she experiences. She ditches victim hood to the curb and feels empowered knowing she can change her situation, attitude and experience. She doesn’t depend on someone, or something else to change to make her feel better.

4. Follows Her Intuition
She values her inner counsel and often seek answers on the inside, rather than the outside. She tunes in and listens to what her intuition is saying and then takes action. By cultivating the habit of tuning in, she builds trust in herself and her decisions.

5. Attitude of Gratitude
The successful solopreneur cultivates an attitude of gratitude by acknowledging the great things in her life. She knows what you focus on expands and by expressing gratitude for all her blessings (big & small!) she attracts more good fortune.

6. Life Long Learner
We are always learning and the successful solopreneur embraces this with open arms. She is aware and curious, and has the ability to reflect on what she is learning and how it is helping her. She also looks at ‘failure’ as an opportunity to learn more about herself to grow and expand further.

Creation Coaching Quickie: Lack vs Abundant Thoughts


Hey Creator’s!

I’m excited to share this week’s CCQ with you because it’s critical to our conscious creating success!!

Often we come to a stand still with our creation goal, because we get stuck in lack thoughts but in order to create what we want, cultivating abundant thoughts is key.

Click on the link below to listen to the CCQ!

Creation Coaching Quickie: The Creator’s Tool Bag!


Hey Creator’s!

I am SO excited about this one. This week’s CCQ is all about the creator’s toolbag. I am LITERALLY talking about a toolbag that you pick up whenever you want to create something new or fix something in your life!

Exciting right? Listen to the audio and then comment below and fill me in on what you will put in YOUR Creator’s Tool Bag!

Creation Coaching Quickie: Inspired Action


Hey Creator’s!

This week’s CCQ is all about taking action. We spoke about visualization a while ago and how important it is to visualize what you want to create in your life. Thoughts become things so we need to begin thinking about what it is we want to create, but we also need to take action.

I’d love to hear from you. I’d love to hear about all the things you’re creating.Comment below and fill me in!

Biz Creator’s Blog: Consistency is Key!


Hey Biz Creator’s!

If you’ve been following me for awhile you know I’m a Creation Coach who helps women create what they most desire in life. And one of my absolute favourite things to do is helping women Solopreneur’s create a business that they love and create a consistent income they can depend on!

The KEY word being CONSISTENT.

Now sure a Solopreneur can have a great month or a huge quarter, but that doesn’t mean they’re making a consistent monthly income that continues to grow. And THAT’S what the goal is here!

How to Create Consistent Monthly Income Online

1. Commit to effective daily habits. I start each day with my mindset practice that always includes: visualizing what I want, meditating and asking for guidance from my biz partner (aka Spirit!). Then I take inspired action on the guidance I receive!

2. Communicate consistently with your tribe. If you have a newsletter commit to sending it out regularly (or the same day each week). Connect on social media with your peeps and engage in conversation and offer great content in your niche. Be visible!

3. Follow a system that works. This is one of the most important things you can do for yourself and business. Learn the most effective tasks to be doing and when to build and grow your business and set up a system to follow them CONSISTENTLY. When we focus on a number of different things randomly, we don’t build the momentum we need to succeed!

4. Get on a call. If you are following a system that works then it should lead to booking more calls with your potential clients, which leads to more sales! Make sure your system includes daily habits and tasks that lead to getting people on a call with you!

There you have it, gorgeous!

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Radical Responsibility: The key creating ingredient that might be missing



The word manifesting is everywhere and I think it would be tough to find someone who hasn’t heard of Law of Attraction (even if they aren’t quite sure what it is).

As a Creation Coach I work with clients to help them create what they really desire in their life, be it health, wealth, happiness, peace, a partner, you name it. And time and time again I see the same belief my clients tend to share….the belief that they ‘can’t manifest’.

It’s not that strange that the majority of my clients feel this way about themselves, after all they have hired a creation coach to help them. If they believed they could manifest then they wouldn’t need me. But here’s the thing I tell them (and they don’t always like it at first) ‘You are always manifesting and creating the life you see’.

And their initial response goes something like this….

‘Say what?!! You mean I AM doing this to myself? No way, uh-huh, not me it’s (insert person, thing, situation here) THAT’S the problem.’

You see people hear the word manifesting…a lot. And it brings up images of lush lifestyles, never ending romance, an abundance of cash, fame, fortune etc. But yet many people are still struggling to find meaning, peace, happiness and abundance. And I am talking earnest, dedicated; good people….who think the ‘bad stuff’ is happening (like I said) TO them. And spend a lot of time longing for something (insert the desire here).

So what gives? What’s the one thing most needed in this situation to really turn your life around and start creating what you WANT to see?

Radical Responsibility.

Radical Responsibility means taking full ownership of the life you have already manifested for yourself, meaning the life you see now. Think about it for a minute, what’s the one consistent factor in the life you experience? It’s you! You are the only one in your life, 100% of the time. This also means you are the only one participating 100% in the creation of your life. And since you are the designer of your life, why not chose to design something fabulous?

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Take ownership of where you are currently at in your life regardless of the situation. Participate in Radical Responsibility!
  2. Begin to accept that you are constantly manifesting every moment, of every day. Your thoughts dictate the outcome of your experiences.
  3. Be willing to choose to start manifesting what you want instead of what you don’t want.
  4.  Decide what it is you want to manifest in your life.
  5. And again participate in Radical Responsibility to create these positive desires!
  6. Intentionally creating what you do want, by consciously choosing thoughts, actions, books, media etc that are in alignment with what it is you are creating.
  7. Surround yourself with more of what you do want to build the momentum away from what you don’t.

By accepting full responsibility of creating the life you see, you step into your power zone. You evolve from being the victim of circumstances to the master creator of your own life. It means that ultimately you ARE free to design, create and manifest the life you want.

And it doesn’t get any better than that.

6 Steps to Creating What You Want


We’re always creating (aka manifesting) our world and what we experience.

At any moment we have 2 choices – to create from a place of love, or from a place of fear.

Love based thinking creates a world we thrive in, feel joy, peace, abundance and harmony.
By contrast, fear based thinking creates a world of lack, dissatisfaction, unhappiness and anxiety.

A loving thought like, ‘I’m great at what I do!’ creates the experience of success.
Where as a fearful thought like ‘I’m not good enough.’ creates the opposite.

The good news is, we are totally free at any moment to change the momentum from fear based thinking to love based.

My signature six step system C.R.E.A.T.E is designed to get you out of fear based thinking and into love based, so you can create a life you love.

The Creation System

Step 1: Choose

We all have desires and things we want to create in our lives.

These desires, are loves internal call to go after them and bring them to fruition – after all, it’s why we have them in the first place!

The first step in creating your dreams is to choose which one you are going to go after and commit yourself to the process.

Ask yourself: What do I really, REALLY want? Am I committed to making it happen?

Step 2: Release

When there’s something in our life we desire but don’t have, we’re resisting it on some level.

We’re actually blocking what we most want, from coming to us.

But why do we do this? Especially with something we desire to have so intensely!

Here’s the reason: we’ve developed a fear based core belief opposite of what we desire.
For example, we desire wealth but are broke, a loving relationship but feel lonely, joy and freedom but feel sad and stuck.

Therefore, we must identify the core sabotaging beliefs we have and release them. This is the basic premise of The Law of Attraction, like attracts like. – what you believe you WILL receive.

Our work here is to replace fear based beliefs with love based ones.

Ask yourself: What fear based beliefs do I currently have? What is the opposite love based belief I could replace it with? Write the new belief out and read it everyday.

Step 3: Engage

Here your task is to engage the universe and all the support and love around you, for help in creating what you desire.

Ask yourself: How will I feel when I have what I want? Find a quiet space and every day, for at least a minute or two, picture having and experiencing what you’re trying to create. Once you’ve built up the image and it’s feeling good say ‘Yes this! or something better. Please help me.’ and exhale it out and open your eyes. Carry on with your day.

Use the power of your imagination to generate the feeling of your desired outcome and call on your inner guidance to help make it a reality.

Step 4: Attune

Get ready to tap in and tune up! This step is all about tuning in to the world around you.

Ask yourself: What is showing up all around me?

Signs, inspirations, spontaneous happenings, all there in response to your request for help, in direct alignment to your goal. Look for all the evidence around you that the Big U has heard your request and is supporting you!

Get excited! All this evidence, big and small, is showing you what you desire IS possible to create.

Step 5:Take Action

As you begin to notice all the signs around you, pointing you in the direction you need to go, it’s time to take action!

To manifest your goal, act on the guidance and inspiration you receive.

Ask yourself: What action can I take towards my goal? What am I being guided to do?

Your divinely answered questions are the signposts along the way, pointing you in the direction you need to go.

Step 6: Evolve

There’s no ending to your potential. No final destination in which you arrive. There’s only the magic of learning the art of creating the life you want to live.

The Creation System provides you with the mindset needed to master this. Manifesting with ease involves a willingness to co-create with the divine. Chose where you want to go, call on what is greatest within you for support, wake up, tune in, and take action.

As you learn to master this system you evolve into the person who is ready to allow their dreams and desires to be experienced. Each accomplishment, each manifestation builds momentum and increases our confidence and belief, that we truly can create a life we love.