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How to Create More Money in Your Life & Your Business

The majority (actually almost all) of the calls I get from potential clients includes the question, ‘How do I make more money in my business?’. Making consistent income (minimum 4 figures a month) is the biggest challenge for most entrepreneurs in their first few years of business.

Now, while there are a TON of great strategies to implement in your business which will lead to generating consistent income, if we don’t have our thoughts aligning with what we want to create (more money!), we will continue to fall short.

In today’s vlog I share the number one way to start building a solid money mindset and include a homework assignment to get you started! Watch the video below!

A Rant For A Reason…

“The first couple years of my business, it felt like slog and most people give up before the cogs really start turning.” -Denise Duffield-Thomas


An ad came across my feed with the copy ‘How I created $10,000 in 30 days’ and then talked about how the first year in biz they only made $9000. I didn’t even notice who this ad was by, so I’m not trying to knock anyone. What I want to point out, is to make sure you are reading between the lines….

If someone makes $9000 the first year of business and then has a 5 figured month, it actually took them 13 months to make ‘$10,000 in 30 days’. And that’s what’s super important to note.

It took me over 18 months to get to 5 figure months and they weren’t even consistent ones at that. I focused on creating consistent 4 figure months before 5 figured ones and it’s served me well. Mostly, because now as I continue to expand and grow into the consistent 5 figure range I have built a solid foundation underneath me.

Further, the experts that I trust and follow speak openly about how long it took to build their sustainable online business (the shortest amount of time I’ve come across is 2 years) with the average being 3.

Here’s the truth. There’s no quick fix on the road to building a sustainable online business. There are distinct stages we all have to go through, regardless of who we are or who we hire. It takes time to figure this online entrepreneurial world out, get comfortable with your message, develop a success mindset, find strategies that actually work, fail, have small wins, fail again and above ALL else hold true to their desire & vision and just keep going.

If you feel like you’re struggling to make money in your business…my advice (take it or leave it) find & follow leaders who spent time in the trenches and DID THE WORK, felt the blood, sweat & tears, learned how to KEEP GOING even when they wanted to give up, and then eventually made it to the other side.

There’s a reason sayings like ‘it was all worth it in the end’ are so popular.

Read between the lines when you come across the big promises of big payoffs in a short amount of time. Often, there’s a whole year (or more!) in front of that, that was hell, that’s not always mentioned. or as Denise refers to it ‘felt like a slog’


The Number 1 Biz Tool We All Have Access To

This week’s vlog is possibly my most favorite topic to jam on. All of us have a rock solid biz partner that knows exactly what to do to take our biz dreams and aspirations and make them a reality.

WHO is this amazing biz partner you ask??!

Well, the Big U of course! And the most exciting part is we ALL have access to this amazing business resource, all we have to do is ask.

Watch the video below where I share how to call on your business partner and co-create the business & life you desire!

Success Stories Are Created Through Consistent Action (5)

Your Job In Manifesting The Business You Desire

Manifesting (or what I like to call…creating) plays an important role in building a successful online business. Since the truth is we’re always creating our experiences, why should building a business be any different? So whether we agree with it or not, the truth is we DO manifest our successful business.

In this weeks vlog I share what our primary job is when focusing on manifesting our dream biz. But more importantly I share what IS NOT OUR JOB!! Check it out below and get started on manifesting the successful business you desire today!

Visibility: What Are You Letting Your Potential Clients See?

As Solopreneurs building a business in the online world, we know being visible and putting ourselves and message out there is a non-negotiable.  To attract more clients, build our tribe and increase our following of raving fans we need to be seen. 

But even though we know how important visibility is, doesn’t mean it’s always easy to put ourselves out there! In this week’s vlog, I share my super easy to follow visibility posting strategy! This strategy has you covered from showing off your brilliance, connecting with your peeps and building trust with your followers. Watch the video below!

How To Create a Success Story For Your Business (and Why it Works)!

Do you you ever get frustrated with the lack of success in your business? Tired of seeing the same ‘story’ being played over and over again – struggle, lack, limited number of clients etc? And most importantly, are you ready to ditch this old story and create a new one….a successful one?

Creating a successful business (cash flow, awesome clients, making an impact etc) starts on the inside. Watch this video to see how you can cultivate YOUR success story on the inside so you can start experiencing it (for real) on the outside!

Want To Manifest More Money? Change How You Think

The word manifesting has become a fairly mainstream concept. People want to know how they can manifest more money and experience their dreams and desires. The idea that we could learn how to do this can be exciting and even a bit overwhelming.

A key part that’s often missing when it comes to manifesting, is the awareness that we are already manifesting the world we see. Humans are already master manifesters! But we’re usually manifesting unconsciously rather than consciously. To manifest more money, the key is to become a conscious creator and purposely manifest what you desire, rather then more of what you don’t want.

So why then, is manifesting more money so difficult? Since we are master manifesters then shouldn’t we be able to easily create what we want?? And the answer is yes! But not until we break our old thought habits currently creating the experience of what we don’t want.

3 Steps To Manifest More Mula!

6 Habits of The Successful Solopreneur

How often have you cyber stalked that one Solopreneur who seems to have it all together, in hopes of figuring out how to get what she’s got.

If we’re honest, we’ve all been there.

We often think if we could just get the one ‘thing’ she has, we’d be able to unlock the door to our freedom lifestyle, booming business, brimming bank account or whatever defines success for us. But the truth is success is more of a mindset then it is an accumulation of status, money or stuff.

The following is a list of 6 habits solopreneurs have that cultivate a success mindset.

1. Sees A World Of Possibilities
There are two types of people in the world, those who see what’s possible and those who see what’s impossible. The successful solopreneur looks at what she can make happen in a situation. Rather then spending time thinking of all the reasons an opportunity won’t work, she asks herself how she can make it work.

2. Feels Fear And Does It Anyway
Rather then letting fear stop her the successful solopreneur feels fear and moves forward. She knows that experiencing fear when you’re in new territory or challenging yourself to go beyond the status quo is normal and doesn’t let it stop her from moving forward.

3. Takes Radical Responsibility
This savvy successful gal knows she’s responsible for creating the world she experiences. She ditches victim hood to the curb and feels empowered knowing she can change her situation, attitude and experience. She doesn’t depend on someone, or something else to change to make her feel better.

4. Follows Her Intuition
She values her inner counsel and often seek answers on the inside, rather than the outside. She tunes in and listens to what her intuition is saying and then takes action. By cultivating the habit of tuning in, she builds trust in herself and her decisions.

5. Attitude of Gratitude
The successful solopreneur cultivates an attitude of gratitude by acknowledging the great things in her life. She knows what you focus on expands and by expressing gratitude for all her blessings (big & small!) she attracts more good fortune.

6. Life Long Learner
We are always learning and the successful solopreneur embraces this with open arms. She is aware and curious, and has the ability to reflect on what she is learning and how it is helping her. She also looks at ‘failure’ as an opportunity to learn more about herself to grow and expand further.

Want to Create More Success? Apply the 40/40/20 Rule

People are always looking for ways to succeed. Succeed in life, in love, in business. Downloading check off lists, cheat sheets and how to’s but one of the fastest ways to create both personal and professional success is to take a look around you.

Introducing the 40/40/20 rule (a super popular ‘how to succeed’ in direct marketing tool in the 80’s, recommended breaking your time down as follows: 40% on building your list; 40% on your offer; and 20% on message and creative) but now with a twist.

If you want to know how successful you are, take a look at the people around you. You’re likely the average of the five people closest to you. So if you are stuck, unmotivated or lacking direction, chances are those around you are too.

When I reflect back on a time in my life I wasn’t experiencing much success, most of the people I associated with weren’t either. As time went on (and we were STILL doing the same thing at the same local pub) I noticed how bored I was becoming and equally inspired to change and create something new.

Around the same time a quote by Tony Robbins caught my attention, “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten’. I took that as my sign, dusted off my bar stool, took an inventory of my surroundings and decided to allocate my own 40/40/20 rule in the following ways:

-40% of my time I spent on improving myself and becoming the person I actually wanted to be. This included reading inspirational books, hiring a life coach, exercising, taking courses and learning to meditate. This helped me connect with my deeper purpose, feel good and renewed my interest in the world around me.
-40% of my time I spent reading books and hanging out with people who were more successful than or inspired me. This helped me up my game and rise to the occasion, so to speak. By surrounding myself with people who were succeeding and doing great work, brought out the best in me.
-20% of my time was spent serving others or practicing my skills. This helped me to grow as a coach and Entrepreneur and receive valuable feedback which only helped me grow more.

I followed this version of the 40/40/20 rule diligently for about 2 years. As my business grew the percentage breakdown shifted. I would say the biggest shift being, 40% of my time is now spent on helping others achieve high levels of success and become the person they strive to be, while 20% is spent learning through others and engaging in conversations and activities that inspire me.

Regardless of how you break it down, the point is; if you want to succeed, surround yourself with success. So check in with yourself. What areas in your life are you wanting to experience more success? How could you apply your own 40/40/20 rule to make this happen? Post in the comments below, I’d love to hear them!