Three Ways You Might Be Interfering With Your Own Success


So, today I want to talk to you about three ways you might be interfering with your own success. Especially when you’re so driven to succeed and you have like a whole hearted intention of doing the right thing to succeed in your business and make consistent income and do all that you can do to make your business a success. So, what do I mean by interfering?
Well, there is an entire universe around you that wants nothing but the best for you. It wants you to succeed, it wants your dreams to come true, it wants to help you. And too often, we push our own agenda. We try to force our way rather than sitting back and just allowing what we’ve asked for to help us and to come through.
Here are 3 ways you’re probably interfering with your success

  1. We force things to happen.

And what I mean by forcing? Forcing is anything where it feels tough, edgy and like you’re pushing pushing pushing pushing pushing. When you’re always analyzing it, you’re always complaining about it and you’re wondering why isn’t working? What’s happening? Why isn’t this working? You’re complaining about it and you’re trying to do all you can to like make it happen, that’s forcing. And that is interfering with your success, because if you think about it like a brick wall. You’ve literally put a brick wall up in front of you. And the universe is like ‘Hey I’m trying to help you’. I called my biz partner, biz partners trying to help you, trying to get in there, trying to give you the guidance and everything that you need and you’re like ‘no I can’t pay attention’ because I’m too busy forcing things over here. That’s one way that we interfere with their own success be force.

  1. We give up way too quickly

The second way, is we give up too quickly. We do this in tons of different little ways. One of the ways we do this is through inconsistency. So maybe we don’t give up as in we’re leaving our business, but all the ways that we play small and are not consistent, because we’re too busy focused on what’s not working or we’re too scared to get up and really go after it. So we interfere with our own success, we give up too quickly rather than calling on the support of the universe, calling on the support of your business partner right and focusing on your dreams, focusing on what you really want to happen. Instead you give up. So the universe doesn’t even have time. There it is out there orchestrating everything for you, getting your success together, lining up the people that need you, you know making things happen for you and then you just shut it down. Or we shut it down because it didn’t happen fast enough, we do the go-stop-go-stop cycle where we go really fast hard and we try really hard and we’re forcing then we stop because it didn’t happen fast enough. And that’s the second way we interfere with our own success. We’re actually the ones stopping our success.

  1. We don’t listen to our gut.

We don’t listen to the answers the universe brings us. We don’t listen to what our gut is trying to tell us. And when I say by gut, that is how it’s communicated to us, that’s how our business partner talks to us through guidance, through our gut. And in order to make that happen, you have to be quiet. Take some time out during the day and listen. That’s all part of the mindset practice as well that you need to be successful.

So you need to stop forcing your agenda. Stop giving up so quickly, because things aren’t working as fast as you want them to. And then finally get quiet. Find some time during your day to sit quietly to learn what it feels like to listen to that internal guidance. Ask the question, what would you have me do today?. That’s the question I ask everyday ‘what would you have me do today’? Business partner, where should we go today? what should we do? What should we focus on?
And I always get something, I always get to do a Facebook Live or reach out to somebody or I get a really creative great idea. That’s what you need to listen to. And when you don’t make time to hear and that mixed with when you hear it and then you ignore it, you are interfering with your own success.
So what I want for you is to really start to think about this. Think about the ways and how much you talk about success you want. You complain about it not happening. Right. We’ve all been there. You focus on the ‘not happening’ of it. And how many times do you just let go? Ask for what you want, focus on what you want, ‘your desires are dependable’. There’s like a billion different desires you have, why do you think you have your particular ones? That’s not a coincidence, that’s to be trusted.
So your desires are dependable. So you gotta focus on them, ask for them and then stop interfering, let them come to you.

I hope this helps. Post a comment below if you have some great ways where you don’t interfere with your success, also comment if you feel like you do and I can give you some tips on how not to.

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