Want to Create More Success? Apply the 40/40/20 Rule


People are always looking for ways to succeed. Succeed in life, in love, in business. Downloading check off lists, cheat sheets and how to’s but one of the fastest ways to create both personal and professional success is to take a look around you.

40/40/20 Rule

Introducing the 40/40/20 rule (a super popular ‘how to succeed’ in direct marketing tool in the 80’s, recommended breaking your time down as follows: 40% on building your list; 40% on your offer; and 20% on message and creative) but now with a twist.

If you want to know how successful you are, take a look at the people around you. You’re likely the average of the five people closest to you. So if you are stuck, unmotivated or lacking direction, chances are those around you are too.

Make It Personal

When I reflect back on a time in my life I wasn’t experiencing much success, most of the people I associated with weren’t either. As time went on (and we were STILL doing the same thing at the same local pub) I noticed how bored I was becoming and equally inspired to change and create something new.

Around the same time a quote by Tony Robbins caught my attention, “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten’. I took that as my sign, dusted off my bar stool, took an inventory of my surroundings and decided to allocate my own 40/40/20 rule in the following ways:

-40% of my time I spent on improving myself and becoming the person I actually wanted to be. This included reading inspirational books, hiring a life coach, exercising, taking courses and learning to meditate. This helped me connect with my deeper purpose, feel good and renewed my interest in the world around me.
-40% of my time I spent reading books and hanging out with people who were more successful than or inspired me. This helped me up my game and rise to the occasion, so to speak. By surrounding myself with people who succeeding and doing great work, brought out the best in me.
-20% of my time was spent serving others or practicing my skills. This helped me to grow as a coach and Entrepreneur and receive valuable feedback which only helped me grow more.

I followed this version of the 40/40/20 rule diligently for about 2 years. As my business grew the percentage breakdown shifted. I would say the biggest shift being, 40% of my time is now spent on helping others achieve high levels of success and become the person they strive to be, while 20% is spent learning through others and engaging in conversations and activities that inspire me.

Regardless of how you break it down, the point is; if you want to succeed, surround yourself with success. So check in with yourself. What areas in your life are you wanting to experience more success? How could you apply your own 40/40/20 rule to make this happen?

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