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The Biggest Mistake Unsuccessful Online Entrepreneurs Make

It’s one thing to start an online business, but it’s another to get noticed and succeed. Unfortunately, many awesome talented people achieve the first part but bomb on the second.

And the reason why? It’s simple, Entrepreneurs don’t stay consistent long enough to get the results they want. It’s where mindset meets strategy and having strong mental stamina is just as important as executing great biz building strategies.

Inconsistency can vary from person to person but usually shows up in the following 3 ways:

1. Results Don’t Happen Fast Enough

The success, the money, the clients, the momentum you want doesn’t appear in an instant. Take all the strategies that are needed to run an online business such as, creating visibility, focusing on social media profiles and creating momentum, it takes time and focused consistency to make them work. Contrary to the online marketing that has newer entrepreneurs believing it happens quickly (headlines like ‘how I made $10k in 30 days). When these strategies take a lot longer than expected to build momentum they end up freaking out, bailing on their strategies and stop working on their business because they believe it’s not working. The truth is the strategies will work when they’ve been given enough time to. Not much different from following a consistent fitness plan, it takes a ton of sweat before you start seeing the results.

 2. Focused On What’s Not Working  

Do any of these things sounds familiar?
‘This isn’t working I only got 1 like on my post’
‘Only one person came to my livestream what’s the point of even doing it?’
‘‘My launch was so unsuccessful I only sold 5 spots instead of the 15 I wanted.’

This is a great example of The Law of Attraction in action! Since what we focus on expands, when we focus on what we think isn’t working, then eventually that’s all we see. (I spoke about this in another post which you can check out here) And what do we end up doing once we’re convinced it’s broken? Bail! We stop being consistent.

So to shift the momentum, start focusing on what IS working by reframing how you see it.

You have one person on your facebook live? That’s evidence that you are indeed reaching people, and people want to hear what you have to say. Have someone tell you how much  they appreciated your blog? That’s evidence that the content you’re creating is working. When you change your mindset and view the exact same situation, but in a positive way, you increase your belief of how it is working. Once you believe it’s working you are focusing on the strategy which in turn creates the momentum you need and were looking for. Now the same law is still in play (law of attraction) but this time it’s attracting the results we want!

3. Don’t Know What To Focus On  

Knowing where you’re at in your business and what you should focus on first to get to the next step is key to achieving success. The problem is, especially in online businesses, there aren’t a lot of markers along the way telling you where you are and what to do next. It ends up being a guessing game with a lot of trial and error. Just imagine going from NYC to LA and having no access to a map.Sure you may know the general direction but without knowing exactly where to go, you’ll definitely end up taking a lot of wrong turns along the way. But when you have directions, you can follow the route without getting sidetracked and steered off course. Just like you will get sidetracked in your business when you don’t know what you’re doing or where you’re going. This creates a ton of wasted time (and money!) which results in frustration and inconsistency. Knowing what stage we are in and what to focus on specifically, is the ‘roadmap’ for online entrepreneurs. 

I have spent a lot of time looking at this and have developed a quiz that will help you figure out where you are at and what you should be focusing on. Do it now.

So stay consistent with the tasks you should be doing at your stage, focus on the evidence that this is working (see your likes increase, your blogs getting shared etc) and I promise you you WILL see more of the positive and the momentum you want.

The Secret To Not Creating Shite In Your Life

Knowing how the law of attraction actually works is key in creating what you want in life and business. This law is not mystical, woo woo or only for a certain privileged group. It’s a universal law all of us are experiencing everyday, no different than the law of gravity.

The book The Secret came out. And it was great because it started the conversation of consciously creating what we desire. But the Law of Attraction isn’t a secret or magical, it’s practical.

‘Match the frequency to the reality you want and you can not help but get that reality. It is not philosophy. It is physics.’ Albert Einstein

For a long time I didn’t understand why I could manifest some of my goals easily and others I struggled to make happen. It wasn’t until I fully accepted that if LOA was a universal law and I couldn’t get around or away from it, then it must mean I was constantly manifesting…..the good and the bad. Yikes!

I quickly realized that regardless of my experience being a ‘good’ one or a ‘bad’ one, I had done the exact same thing to manifest both! Finally, I knew at that moment, knowing how this law worked could be applied consciously and intentionally to manifest my dreams!

The Law of Attraction can be broken down into 3 super simple elements.

The 3 Elements Of LOA

1. Alignment – how you feel about something

2. Mindset – how much you believe it to be true or possible

3. Action – the action you take to make it happen

Let’s take a closer look at how these elements, using money as an example, are in play for both our awesome and not so great experiences.

LOA Elements Financial Abundance Financial Lack
Alignment – how you feel about money  secure, happy, fortunate, peaceful, relaxed, confident, excited  worried, stressed, anxious, scared, annoyed, sad, depressed
Mindset – how you think about money  I always have money. Money comes easily to me. There’s always more than enough. I love having money.  I have never enough. I’m always so broke. Why can’t I get more money? This is so scary; how will I survive?
Actions – what your actions are around money  managing money, following a budget, tracking spending, using strategies to increase income, talking positively about money  disorganized, overspending, giving up, complaining, talking negatively about money, taking no action toward improvement

As you can see when we do a side by side comparison, it doesn’t matter what the experience is, LOA  is always, always happening. So now that we are armed with this information, we can begin to apply the strategies that help us create what we want consciously! And I’ve got you covered, grab my Free Create Your Mindset Practice Guide here to help you get started!

Happy Creating!

Xo J



How to design a daily practice to intentionally create what you want!

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the amount of ‘how to’s’ out there when it comes to manifesting?

I do. And I’m a teacher of this stuff.

So for simplicity sake (cause honestly, don’t we all just want to know the essentials) I’m giving you the one absolute manifesting must have……designing a daily practice that works for you.

Why is this so essential? Because in order to create what you want in the world, you have to create it on the inside first. Period. And a daily practice, specific to you, is what builds the momentum on the inside, needed to experience it on the outside.

Have you ever heard the saying ‘thoughts become things’? And it’s true for both positive and negative thoughts. What you think about the most, you see the most. So if you constantly think you’re lacking in something, the you’ll just continue to experience more of that lack!

Let’s use money as a quick example. Usually when we don’t have the money or security we crave, we spend the majority of our time thinking about NOT having it. Thoughts like, ‘I never have enough money, I’m always broke, how am I going to get more money’ etc. consume us. We end up continuing to experience not having enough money because it’s exactly what we focus on! Take stock of your own thoughts. How much do you spend thinking of the things you don’t want? It can be difficult to accept that we’re also responsible for creating the negative stuff in our life. But when we are willing to take radical responsibility and own it, we begin to create a new experience.

Now, it’s one thing to hear and understand this principle and then another to actually intentionally bring this into your life and make a commitment to change your negative thought patterns. It takes practice and exactly why a daily practice is needed, think of it as a workout for your thoughts! So, let’s get started, shall we.

First, go back to that awesome goal you want to manifest. The one thing that you absolutely need in your mindset practice is something that helps you connect with what you truly desire. I call this ‘tuning in’. Spend some time thinking about what it would be like to have it and experience it in your life. Ask yourself this, ‘What would my life actually look like if I had this in my life’? This question will generate some positive thoughts, affirmations, and feelings, write ALL of them down. These are the thoughts you’ll use in your daily practice to replace the old negative ones!

Next, commit to tuning into these thoughts every day. Sticking with a daily practice can be a challenge (just like going to the gym!). So you want to choose a mindset practice that will work for you. Do you like journaling and writing out what you want to manifest? Or are visualizations a better fit? Maybe you like to read your affirmations, or create a mind movie? The point is, it doesn’t matter how you tune in to your goal, just that you do it. The tuning in, IS the daily practice because you are spending time breaking up the negative thought patterns (which bring a negative experience) and replacing them with positive ones, aligned with your desire!

Finally, once you’ve figured out what works for you, visualisations, writing, guided meditations, affirmations or whatever it is.  Commit to following it for at least 40 days and see if you can see the evidence that your thoughts are changing. Track your progress! Create an ‘evidence’ list and write down all the new things that start to happen that are more in alignment with your goal. Don’t forget to track the little things too, it all counts and contributes to your belief that you CAN create what you desire.

I’d love to hear what you’re manifesting in your life, comment below and share it with me!