Why treating your business like a lottery is holding you back

As an online entrepreneur we’re bombarded with quick fixes, promises about giving you the exact formula to build a 6 figure business in 90 days and stories about how someone made 5 figures in their first month of business. Doesn’t that sound amazing? If that was the case every person would leave their 9-5 job and start a business. In reality, scenarios like that are more like winning the lottery. I’m sure it happens, just like winning the lottery does, but not very often and not for the majority of people.

So let me ask you the question. Are you treating your business like a lottery? Putting all your hopes and dreams into it winning the lottery? By buying programs that promise you’ll be guaranteed to build a 6 figure business in a short amount of time and therefore skipping the natural stages your business has to go through in order to grow and be sustainable?

Don’t get me wrong, it’s absolutely normal and in line with our society to want things to happen instantly. We’re used to get things right away. And naturally as an online entrepreneur we want the same for our business. We have such passion and drive for what we do we want it to work right away and are drawn in by the promises of the clever marketeers who promise to give us exactly that – instant success.

What most of the people talking about making 5 and figure months tend to conveniently forget to tell you about are the gruelling 18 month prior to that, where they built their business, slowly and over time. Hustling and going from making a few hundred $/month to eventually making 4 figures/ month to get to that one month they’re telling you about. The hustle isn’t pretty and takes a lot of persistence and perseverance which isn’t sexy and doesn’t paint the picture they want you to have in order to buy into their programs.

Of course we start comparing ourselves to these stories and wonder why we feel bad about ourselves for NOT achieving the things they promise we would. Doing that actually holds us back even more. The constant beating up that happens in our minds, let you lose track and forget what you should be focusing on in order to grow your business.

When I talk about a sustainable business I am talking about building a consistent income that you’re focused on building consistent 4 figures / month before even considering to make 5 figures/month. Naturally this takes time, from crafting your message, creating your packages, setting up your systems to overcoming all the mindset blocks that naturally come up..Most important though it takes time for your audience to get to know you, what you do and stand for and that you’re even around. It simply takes time and consistent effort, there’s no way around this.

So what’s am I trying to tell you?

3 things.

  1. It takes time to build a sustainable business both strategically and mentally
  2. Just because someone won the lottery (aka made 6 figures in 90 days) doesn’t mean you have to.
  3. Start to take the action your business needs instead of comparing yourself to others.

So in case you need permission to stop comparing yourself and aspire to unrealistic standards, I give you a free pass and ask you to look at what stage of business you’re in and start to take consistent action. Not sure what stage you’re in and what you actually need to do to move forward? Take the quiz to find out!


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