2 Reasons You’re Not Making Consistent Cash (And What To Do About It)

In the first 2 – 3 years of business (and sometimes more), nearly all Solopreneurs struggle to get clear on where they’re at, what they need to be focused on in order to make an impact and difference in the lives of others and most importantly how to make consistent income.

Consistency is the keyword here. I am not talking about the one offs where you make $12 000 a month, and then you make a thousand dollars for the next 3 months. I’m talking about consistent income that you can start to really rely on.

There are two major problems that I see repeatedly in my coaching clients.


  1. People don’t realise that there are 3 distinct stages in business, on the road from $0 to $10K consistent months and don’t know what stage they are in. The Foundation, The Hustle and The Flow. Each stage has unique strategies and mindset shifts that need to be focused on to build the foundation that leads to the next stage.

  2. Solopreneurs are constantly bombarded with marketing promising them the one thing they need to reach their goal of consistent $10K. Be it funnels or launches or copy or website or blogging. The problem is, it often isn’t the right strategy for them at the time and because they don’t have a clear roadmap of their first 3 stages they make impulsive purchases they don’t need.

These two problems combined, have been a problem in the online world and unfortunately hurting people when it comes to their bottom line, and making consistent income.

Solopreneurs waste thousands of dollars and massive amount of time on things that will NOT get them where they want to be. Now don’t get me wrong, all these things – funnels, launches, copy – are all valid strategies, BUT ONLY when they’re done in the right stage of business. (Not sure what stage you’re in? Find out here) So of course there’s some great products, great coaches, great courses and great, awesome, wonderful products out there and when purchased at the right time, can have an awesome impact.

Still, common confusions often arise around implementing an effective visibility plan, how often or when they should be blogging, how to communicate their core message, how to do effective market research, when the right time is to execute a launch and even what they should be charging. So, in an attempt to make their dream (which is a worthwhile pursuit!) they flail around, patch-working it all together. Trying to implement something that is 10 steps ahead of where they’re at, before having the foundational pieces in place to support the implementation of a more advanced strategy.

As solopreneurs start knowing what stage of business they’re at, what they should focus and what problems they’re going to face in each stage, they can avoid shiny object syndrome. Which helps them stay on track, disciplined and focused.  This inevitably creates the momentum they need to move through the 3 stages and make consistent income!

I help solopreneurs navigate these stages by helping them implement the right strategies and mindset shifts, to build the momentum they need. If you are struggling to get clarity, stay focused and make consistent income in your online business book a call here to see how much working together can help!

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