A Rant For A Reason…

“The first couple years of my business, it felt like slog and most people give up before the cogs really start turning.” -Denise Duffield-Thomas


An ad came across my feed with the copy ‘How I created $10,000 in 30 days’ and then talked about how the first year in biz they only made $9000. I didn’t even notice who this ad was by, so I’m not trying to knock anyone. What I want to point out, is to make sure you are reading between the lines….

If someone makes $9000 the first year of business and then has a 5 figured month, it actually took them 13 months to make ‘$10,000 in 30 days’. And that’s what’s super important to note.

It took me over 18 months to get to 5 figure months and they weren’t even consistent ones at that. I focused on creating consistent 4 figure months before 5 figured ones and it’s served me well. Mostly, because now as I continue to expand and grow into the consistent 5 figure range I have built a solid foundation underneath me.

Further, the experts that I trust and follow speak openly about how long it took to build their sustainable online business (the shortest amount of time I’ve come across is 2 years) with the average being 3.

Here’s the truth. There’s no quick fix on the road to building a sustainable online business. There are distinct stages we all have to go through, regardless of who we are or who we hire. It takes time to figure this online entrepreneurial world out, get comfortable with your message, develop a success mindset, find strategies that actually work, fail, have small wins, fail again and above ALL else hold true to their desire & vision and just keep going.

If you feel like you’re struggling to make money in your business…my advice (take it or leave it) find & follow leaders who spent time in the trenches and DID THE WORK, felt the blood, sweat & tears, learned how to KEEP GOING even when they wanted to give up, and then eventually made it to the other side.

There’s a reason sayings like ‘it was all worth it in the end’ are so popular.

Read between the lines when you come across the big promises of big payoffs in a short amount of time. Often, there’s a whole year (or more!) in front of that, that was hell, that’s not always mentioned. or as Denise refers to it ‘felt like a slog’


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