Want To Manifest More Money? Change How You Think


The word manifesting has become a fairly mainstream concept. People want to know how they can manifest more money and experience their dreams and desires. The idea that we could learn how to do this can be exciting and even a bit overwhelming.

A key part that’s often missing when it comes to manifesting, is the awareness that we are already manifesting the world we see. Humans are already master manifesters! But we’re usually manifesting unconsciously rather than consciously. To manifest more money, the key is to become a conscious creator and purposely manifest what you desire, rather then more of what you don’t want.

So why then, is manifesting more money so difficult? Since we are master manifesters then shouldn’t we be able to easily create what we want?? And the answer is yes! But not until we break our old thought habits currently creating the experience of what we don’t want.

3 Steps To Manifest More Mula!

Step 1 Take A Thought Inventory

Think of your current financial situation. If you’re reading this article, I’m guessing more money is a desire you have. So take a moment and reflect on the thoughts you think about your current money situation. Does it include thoughts like:

I can’t pay this off.
I never have enough.
How am I going to do this?
The money isn’t coming in.
Money is always such a struggle.
Where am I going to get more money?
I’m broke.

Further, do these thoughts also describe your current financial situation? My guess is yes and in fact, probably to a tee. This is because thoughts become things. And in this case, these lack thoughts are creating more lack in your life.

Step 2 Break The Negative Thought Habit

Once you make the connection that thoughts become things, you can begin working on breaking the habit of thinking the thoughts that are not helping to create the financial situation you desire. This is the step that people struggle with the most because it is difficult to stop thinking negatively when you experience a negative situation. For example, thinking the thought ‘there’s never enough money’ creates the experience of never having enough money, which reinforces the thought there’s never enough money, which deepens the experience of it and on and on it goes like a gerbil wheel.

The first step in breaking this habit is realizing that you have the habit to begin with! By taking radical responsibility you own the fact that YOU are creating your experience by thinking the way you think. Once this realization has occurred and you take responsibility for yourself you can decide to create an abundant thought habit!

Step 3 Think Your New Reality Into Being

This step takes a ton of self discipline. As I said above it’s not easy to break the cycle of thinking lack thoughts which then creates the experience of lack. But it IS possible (I’m proof of that). To get started think of the exact experience you want to have when it comes to money. Get a pen and paper and write it all out. What do you want to see? how do you want to feel? what do you want to experience? when it comes to money.

Write it ALL down and then list out these new abundant sentences, for example:

There is always enough money.
All my debts are paid off.
I easily make (amount) every month!
I love feeling financially free!
Money comes easily and effortlessly to me.
I am rich!

These become the new abundant thoughts that will replace your old lack thoughts! But like I said above, this takes self discipline. In order to create a new habit you have to practice it every single day. Spend time reading your new thoughts, picturing the scene in your mind and most importantly ignore everything that is not aligned with these thoughts! This is the tricky part because you will still experience lack until these new thoughts have momentum. But if you stay disciplined and focused on the thoughts of what you WANT, then eventually they will start to be experienced in your life. You will have manifested it!!

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