6 Habits of The Successful Solopreneur


How often have you cyber stalked that one Solopreneur who seems to have it all together, in hopes of figuring out how to get what she’s got.

If we’re honest, we’ve all been there.

We often think if we could just get the one ‘thing’ she has, we’d be able to unlock the door to our freedom lifestyle, booming business, brimming bank account or whatever defines success for us. But the truth is success is more of a mindset then it is an accumulation of status, money or stuff.

The following is a list of 6 habits solopreneurs have that cultivate a success mindset.

1. Sees A World Of Possibilities
There are two types of people in the world, those who see what’s possible and those who see what’s impossible. The successful solopreneur looks at what she can make happen in a situation. Rather then spending time thinking of all the reasons an opportunity won’t work, she asks herself how she can make it work.

2. Feels Fear And Does It Anyway
Rather then letting fear stop her the successful solopreneur feels fear and moves forward. She knows that experiencing fear when you’re in new territory or challenging yourself to go beyond the status quo is normal and doesn’t let it stop her from moving forward.

3. Takes Radical Responsibility
This savvy successful gal knows she’s responsible for creating the world she experiences. She ditches victim hood to the curb and feels empowered knowing she can change her situation, attitude and experience. She doesn’t depend on someone, or something else to change to make her feel better.

4. Follows Her Intuition
She values her inner counsel and often seek answers on the inside, rather than the outside. She tunes in and listens to what her intuition is saying and then takes action. By cultivating the habit of tuning in, she builds trust in herself and her decisions.

5. Attitude of Gratitude
The successful solopreneur cultivates an attitude of gratitude by acknowledging the great things in her life. She knows what you focus on expands and by expressing gratitude for all her blessings (big & small!) she attracts more good fortune.

6. Life Long Learner
We are always learning and the successful solopreneur embraces this with open arms. She is aware and curious, and has the ability to reflect on what she is learning and how it is helping her. She also looks at ‘failure’ as an opportunity to learn more about herself to grow and expand further.

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