CCQ: Brain Gym

I’ve got a really exciting sort of mini CCQ here for you called Brain Gym. So we have this idea that in order to train our body if we want to get stronger or build muscle or lose weight, we need to go to the gym, we need to train our body. Now the gym can be a variety of things, a park outside that you do walks or runs in, a membership facility gym or a personal trainer. Even if you’re creating a healthy body, your gym could be your kitchen where you’re working to eat healthier food! Now, if we haven’t done a lot of exercise, spent a lot of time training our body, building our muscles, moving around to get our heart nice and healthy or eating a healthier diet that gives us energy, then we’ve probably created the opposite of a healthy body! Maybe we’ve done that by sitting around, not moving our body enough, eating a lot of junk food, not getting enough rest.

You get where I’m going here?

The idea to change that, to create a body that’s healthier, to create a body that can move more, that can stay flexible as it ages and gets older, we need to train it. Tt’s really easy for everyone to understand that when it comes to the body and what’s encouraging is the concept is the exact same for the mind, for mindset! In order to create anything, you want in life, your mindset needs to be in alignment with that creation goal, meaning you need to have thoughts, beliefs, attitudes that are in line with what you want to create. If you have a money story that you want to transform, one from lack to abundance but you’re constantly think thoughts like “There’s never enough” and “This is too hard” and “I’m not going to get there” and “I can’t do this” then that’s exactly what you’re going to see because in your mind, that’s what you’re training your brain to create to see.

So to get started training your mind to create what you actually want, use the idea I call ‘brain gym’ and the ‘weights’ you use to train your brain at this gym are, daily practice that includes, affirmations, visualizations, listening to positive things on Youtube that you like, spending time in meditation, doing a yoga class that you enjoy, whatever it is that helps train your brain to think thoughts that are in alignment with what you want! Brain Gym, takes old habits, all the thoughts that weren’t serving you and it breaks them up and it builds a new way, these new mind mussels that actually start to take place, take root and we begin to think like that more habitually and in a more positive way that’s in alignment with what we want.

So take this idea for this CCQ and just ponder it for a bit. Is changing the habits that I have now in my mind, meaning the way that I look at things or think of things or believe things, is it really any different than taking my body, in it’s current state and training it to be different? And the answer is “No.” So now what you need to do is figure out what ‘weights’ or tools you’re going to use to train your brain to look at things more in alignment with what you want to create. Positive affirmations, journalism, writing out exactly what you would love to have in your life, visualizing it, listening to positive Youtubes and podcasts, those are some of the examples of the ‘weights’ that you can use to train in your brain gym.

I hope you found this fun, I hope you enjoyed it and I’d love to hear from you. Hit me up, I’m at the Creation Corner in Facebook and of course you can always post a comment below. Take care and happy creating!

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