Biz Creator’s Blog: Consistency is Key!


Hey Biz Creator’s!

If you’ve been following me for awhile you know I’m a Creation Coach who helps women create what they most desire in life. And one of my absolute favourite things to do is helping women Solopreneur’s create a business that they love and create a consistent income they can depend on!

The KEY word being CONSISTENT.

Now sure a Solopreneur can have a great month or a huge quarter, but that doesn’t mean they’re making a consistent monthly income that continues to grow. And THAT’S what the goal is here!

How to Create Consistent Monthly Income Online

1. Commit to effective daily habits. I start each day with my mindset practice that always includes: visualizing what I want, meditating and asking for guidance from my biz partner (aka Spirit!). Then I take inspired action on the guidance I receive!

2. Communicate consistently with your tribe. If you have a newsletter commit to sending it out regularly (or the same day each week). Connect on social media with your peeps and engage in conversation and offer great content in your niche. Be visible!

3. Follow a system that works. This is one of the most important things you can do for yourself and business. Learn the most effective tasks to be doing and when to build and grow your business and set up a system to follow them CONSISTENTLY. When we focus on a number of different things randomly, we don’t build the momentum we need to succeed!

4. Get on a call. If you are following a system that works then it should lead to booking more calls with your potential clients, which leads to more sales! Make sure your system includes daily habits and tasks that lead to getting people on a call with you!

There you have it, gorgeous!

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