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Biz Creator’s Blog: Consistency is Key!


Hey Biz Creator’s!

If you’ve been following me for awhile you know I’m a Creation Coach who helps women create what they most desire in life. And one of my absolute favourite things to do is helping women Solopreneur’s create a business that they love and create a consistent income they can depend on!

The KEY word being CONSISTENT.

Now sure a Solopreneur can have a great month or a huge quarter, but that doesn’t mean they’re making a consistent monthly income that continues to grow. And THAT’S what the goal is here!

How to Create Consistent Monthly Income Online

1. Commit to effective daily habits. I start each day with my mindset practice that always includes: visualizing what I want, meditating and asking for guidance from my biz partner (aka Spirit!). Then I take inspired action on the guidance I receive!

2. Communicate consistently with your tribe. If you have a newsletter commit to sending it out regularly (or the same day each week). Connect on social media with your peeps and engage in conversation and offer great content in your niche. Be visible!

3. Follow a system that works. This is one of the most important things you can do for yourself and business. Learn the most effective tasks to be doing and when to build and grow your business and set up a system to follow them CONSISTENTLY. When we focus on a number of different things randomly, we don’t build the momentum we need to succeed!

4. Get on a call. If you are following a system that works then it should lead to booking more calls with your potential clients, which leads to more sales! Make sure your system includes daily habits and tasks that lead to getting people on a call with you!

There you have it, gorgeous!

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Creation Coaching Quickie on Habits!

In this week’s CCQ I share why you need to have Habits!





Transcribed Audio

Hey there creators, this is Jennifer Scott with another Creation Coaching Quickie helping you create the life and business that you love.

So today I’m really excited to talk to you all about creating awesome habits. Now, why would I want to talk about creating habits? Habits sound kind of boring and not very exciting or fun. But habits; creating really solid, consistent habits is one of the most important things you need to do to create what you want.

And the reason that this is on the top of my mind is because I recently completed one of my own creation goals. At the start 2016 I set out to create my most healthy, fit, sexy body ever. And I knew in order to make this happen I had to really commit to a program or something that was going to challenge me and push me to create exactly what I wanted.

So I signed up for this great program called From Pushups to Pinups a 90 day action pack, intensive fitness program!

Now, the idea itself, sure that sounded great but to actually make it happen meant that I needed to commit to some daily habits. I had to change my eating plan. I had to get rid of all yucky food, processed food, junk food, eat a really clean, healthy diet and I had to create the habit of doing some cardio and getting my heart rate up 5x/week! And I also had to commit to going to the gym and work with my personal trainer 4x/week!

So these were some pretty big habits I had to commit to, right? And here’s what happened. It wasn’t always easy, it wasn’t always what I wanted to do. Sometimes I didn’t want to always eat that clean meal. Sometimes I didn’t want to do my cardio, sometimes I didn’t want to go to the gym. But my desire for what I wanted to create, a fit, healthy, sexy body was stronger. And my resolve to see it through was stronger than my desire to do a cheat day or to fall of the wagon. But if I didn’t have the structure and the habits to know exactly what I needed to do each day I wouldn’t have made it through the 3 months.

So if you’re working to create something in your life, what are the daily habits and actions you need to put in place so as each day goes by it is adding up, think of a snowball down a hill. Each snowflake, it’s adding up, adding up, adding up, adding up. And eventually it’s big enough that you see this gigantic snowball or you see the thing that you most want to have.

And for me it worked. I had the photo shoot the other day and I felt great, my body was exactly what I had pictured that being and it was a lot to do with my commitment to following through the daily habits that that were set up for me. Eating right, working out and showing up to my gym.

So if you’re working to create something and you feel like you’ve been working at it for a long time and it just keeps alluding you, it’s not quite there, I’d like you to think about what are the actions that you’re taking daily to help that creation goal become a reality.

For example if you’re working to create money in your business, are you doing those daily actions, the daily habits like being visible online or connecting with your potential customers or reaching out to people to network with? Are you doing that consistently?

If you’re working to create a solid mindset and feel good about yourself, are you doing your reading every day? Are you reading up your affirmations? Are you doing your visualizations?

If you’re working on getting healthier and creating a sexy, healthy body, are you committed to eating well and nourishing your body, to moving your body and getting some exercise?

So what are the habits that you are committing to on your way to your creation goal? I hope this helps you. Reach out if you want to talk or if you have any questions. Take care and I’ll speak to you soon.

Creation Coaching Quickie on Visualization!

Hey Creator’s!

This week’s CCQ is all about using the power of your imagination to create what you want!

Listen to the audio or read the transcribed version below.

Happy Creating!

xo Jennifer

Transcribed Audio

Hey creators, this is Jennifer Scott here with another creation coaching quickie working to
help you create what you most desire in your life!

Today’s topic is all about the inside job of creating. So visualization, picturing what you want,
and really getting in touch with exactly what it is that you desire to create in your life. So I
want to tell you something that’s become so top of the mind for me in 2016 and it is this idea
of visualization. But even more so, it’s the idea of thoughts become things.

A while back I did a creation coaching quickie around the idea that thoughts become things so
when you spend a lot of time thinking about what you don’t have, then the thing you see in
your life is the not having. And I know that sounds maybe a little bit confusing but stick with

We need to get more serious. And I don’t mean serious in a hard, controlled kind of way.
I mean serious in a committed and consistent way that what we think becomes the thing that
we experience. And if that’s true, and we’re going to assume that it is, then spending time inside
of our imagination needs to become one of the most important things we do in our day and in
our life. As important as drinking water. If you want to create that successful business, or
more money in your bank account, or happiness or more connection to the community around
you, or a great, loving relationship, you need to spend some time picturing that happening
every single day. Because those thoughts, the thoughts of having it, the picturing of having it
is what will become the thing that you experience; the loving relationship, the abundant bank
account, the great business.

When we spend a lot of time thinking about all the things we don’t have, what do we end up
experiencing in our life? We experience the thing of not having. Our bank account’s low,
we’re high in debt, we can’t seem to find that great relationship, we don’t feel inside
connections to ourselves, to other people because we’re thinking all the time that we don’t
have it.

So thoughts become things. In order to create what you want, in order to get that burning
desire and have it experienced in your life, set up a practice where you visualize exactly what
you want every single day.

Now here’s the tip. It doesn’t need to be long, it doesn’t need to be forced, it doesn’t need to
be super drawn out. Just close your eyes. Do it right now. Close your eyes, take a deep breath
in, exhale and just lightly start to picture what it is that you want. Trust the images that come
to you. Maybe you see a smile on your partner’s face because you got lots of money that
month. Maybe you see yourself helping a client and really feeling fulfilled. Maybe you see
yourself going on a fantastic, romantic date. Maybe you see signing on to your on line banking
and seeing a great balance.

Just stay there for a moment. Picture what you most desire. And then once you feel it, say yes,
this. This is what I want. And blow it out. Send it off. And do that every day. And with the
intention and the resolve that this is part of you creating what you want. Because the first step
of creation is the thought. Then the thought becomes the thing.

I hope this serves you well. Enjoy your creation job on the inside. Take care and I’ll speak to
you soon!